Law And Disorder Kickstarter by Diehard Miniatures

Law and Disorder!

This Kickstarter will allow Diehard Miniatures to expand our range. Following the market and whats out there has made me look to where Diehard should head. Our main drive in this campaign will have a good versus bad theme, and those that blur the lines. Sci-Fi law enforcers will have new marshals and a colonial … Read more

Undead Rising

This Kickstarter will allow Diehard Miniatures to continue expanding our range. The Undead continue to be very popular choices throughout our campaigns (and also a personal favourite), so we thought it only fair that we give them their own KS! Diehard will continue to flesh out our existing range so expect to see more from … Read more

Eru-Kin Expansion

This Kickstarter will allow Diehard Miniatures to expand our range. As the Eru-Kin were so popular in the original KS we decided to start with their faction. Our aim is to bring you at least one KS per year and go through the whole range, fleshing out each faction. Each faction-based KS will have available … Read more

Fantasy Miniatures

OLDHAMMER REBORN! Our aim is to give you the highest quality 28mm scale sculpts with more than a nod to the past. We have gathered a team of Oldhammer veterans to create an exciting and nostalgic range of figures that merge the old feel with the new look. With your help we can bring miniatures … Read more

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