Law And Disorder Kickstarter by Diehard Miniatures

Law and Disorder!

Date: October 11, 2018
Backers: 185
Pledged: £8,065

This Kickstarter will allow Diehard Miniatures to expand our range. Following the market and whats out there has made me look to where Diehard should head. Our main drive in this campaign will have a good versus bad theme, and those that blur the lines. Sci-Fi law enforcers will have new marshals and a colonial marine to call upon. The villains have their own forces boosted by some particularly nasty looking chaps! Seperate heads and weapons continue in this release allowing once again for a greater variety of use. We’ve also got a mix of new items filling spots in the stretch goals covering several different factions so keep an eye out for those!!



Diehard Miniatures are funding our 4th KS release! Whether new or old backer your support is very much valued and we hope to repay this through the quality of the sculpts, timely updates, ease of process and fast replies to customer questions. There will also be 2 prize draws, one winner will receive a 50% discount on their order, the other will be taking theirs home for FREE!! Diehard will again be making their back catologue available so if you missed anything on a previous KS then this is perfect time to look through the Add Ons for anything you still need.
70 Traditionally sculpted miniatures, plus a further 181 figures in the existing range!

You will be pleased to hear we are working again with Pete ‘The Mould Maker’ Brown. Pete did a sterling job moulding and casting our range for all our KS. Great castings and delivered on time!

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