About Diehard Miniatures

Diehard Miniatures create metal wargames miniatures. The company started as a collaboration of 3 sculptors back in 2014 (Tim Prow, Chaz Elliott and Drew Williams). With the assistance of Richard Luong for the initial artwork and concepts Diehard has expanded its artist stable to include Chris Walton, Johan Egerkrans, Kennon James and Jody Siegel. The aim is to give you high quality sculpts for both sci-fi and fantasy ranges with more than a nod to the past. Diehard Miniatures is now running its 4th Kickstarter and will continue to expand and add to the Diehard World with your help!

Tim Prow of Diehard Miniatures

Tim Prow

Tim Prow has over 25 years experience as a professional miniature sculptor. Starting out at Games Workshop as miniature painter on the Eavy Metal Team in the late 80’s, he was first introduced to sculpting, there he learnt his craft, and never looked back. Tim works as a freelance sculptor primarily but has worked in house for both Ral Partha and Wizkids. Some of his more recent work has seen him producing for Mantic, Reaper, Mierce, Avatars of War, Fenris Games and Osprey Games. He has also sculpted for toy companies outside of the gaming industry and produced figures for licensed properties such as Marvel, DC, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX to name a few.

Chaz Elliot - Diehard Miniatures

Chaz Elliot

Chaz Elliott, more AncientHammer than OldHammer. 38yrs of creative input in the Hobby Games industry has left it’s mark. While Chaz still has most of his teeth everything else has been sold off to various demons/deities as part exchange. Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine are just a few of the myriad brands that he has contributed to. He now shares his life with Tracey, 6 cats, 32 chickens and 6 months of gale force winds. Do not approach if spotted – has been known to bite.

Drew Williams - Diehard Miniatures

Drew Williams

Drew Williams has been sculpting miniatures professionally for over 19 years. Graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in 1996 and the Academy of Art University in 2009, Drew applies his knowledge of maquette sculpture, ecorche, comparative anatomy, and creature design, to his work in the miniatures field. Besides toy, gift-ware, and novelty businesses, he has also worked as a freelancer for numerous miniatures businesses big and small over the years, including Wizkids, Reaper, and Privateer Press.
Rich Luong - Diehard Miniatures

Richard Luong

Richard Luong has 13 years of experience in video games and fantasy illustration. He has worked as a concept artist and illustrator creating art for games such as Cthulhu Wars the board game. He now works as a freelance artist through his website: Tentacles and Teeth. 

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