8th January 2019

Kickstarter Stretch Goal Sculpts

Hi Folks I’ve been busy right up to Christmas sculpting the stretch goals for the Law and Disorder KS. As we enter the new year I have only 3 remaining figures to sculpt to complete the campaign! As promised here are some of the new figures our KS backers will soon be receiving, the miniatures will also be available in the shop this summer if you missed the Kickstarter! Our Limited Edition Marshal is our first LE figure to join the shop but will have a limited stock so snap him up quick! We also have 2 of the 5 Bounty Hunters to show off, Lillith sculpted by our guest sculptor Patrick Keith. Finally we have the Chaos Reivers, I managed to get some painting time after New Year’s so jumped the sci-fi Reivers to the front of the queue, Pandora will be fun to paint as well once I get another break from sculpting!

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