19th September 2019

Chaos Incursions Kickstarter Campaign Oct 15th!

Fantastic News for fans of Chaos miniatures.
There’s more progress on Diehard Miniatures Kickstarter work.  Our 5th KS will launch October 15th with a Chaos spicey theme! 😉 Chaos Incursions. All artwork is in, all the important sculpts have been made, cast and almost all painted.

Over the next few weeks, I will be finishing off the final paint jobs and getting everything photographed and uploaded to the KS page.

Johan Egerkrans has again produced some beautiful fantasy art for our KS banner and limited edition character (Chaos General ‘Helgan Half Snake’), also of note, Chris Walton continues with his amazing concept art for the stretch goals! More info will filter through as we get closer to the launch date.

Mounted Chaos Warriors

Our latest Diehard Miniatures to be painted are the Mounted Ravagers who will be available straight off the bat in the funding level of the campaign. These guys are the light cavalry to a chaos army with only the very earliest stages of corruption showing.

The horsemen will be available as a 5 man unit or as singles, each piece comes in 8 parts giving maximum convertibility and a unique look to your unit with all parts interchangeable. Diehard miniatures continue offering as much choice as possible to customize your armies the way you want them to look!


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